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Meet The Auctify Specs

Smart Productivity Tracking

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Automatically Track Productivity

Specs uses advanced computer vision technology to automatically detect and identify your activities throughout the day, completely in the background.


Sync Specs To Your Smartphone

Specs effortlessly transfers the collected data to your smartphone via Bluetooth, ensuring your activity history is always up-to-date and easily accessible.


Monitor & Improve Your Productivity

The Auctify companion app takes your activity data and breaks it down into essential tasks, hours spent, and productivity metrics, giving you a comprehensive and personalized view of your daily output.


Make Time For What Really Matters

With Specs, you can track your work habits, set productivity goals, and receive personalized recommendations to use your time more efficiently, so you can make time for the things that really matter.

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“Trouble staying focused? Specs monitor what you
look at to keep you on task.”

Tracking What Really Matters

Customize your experience by setting your goals and objectives using the Auctify desktop/mobile app. Our patent pending machine learning algorithms can provide personalized real time activity tracking, and uses proven methods in positive psychology to keep you motivated and focused. Keep all of your data safe and secure with our in-app encryption settings.

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